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Framing My Work Ethic

Five Frame Story

Tell a story using five photos. Basically, that’s it. Figure out the story you want to tell and then take five photos to tell it. If you need to edit, add filters, etc. in order to get the effect you want, go for it. 

DS106 Assignment Bank: Five Frame Story

Telling the Story Behind the Story:

When choosing this assignment, I found that I had the perfect opportunity to reflect on my time management and general work ethic during quarantine. The first frame depicts a general view of the ds106 assignment bank. I determined that I had enough time to complete what I had to do in the time allotted, hence the calendar from two days ago. Moving forward, the display of my Nintendo Switch is a blatant example of procrastination. The next frame is my realization of how much I had fallen behind, depicted by my cartoon self filled with anguish.

I created this story line because it reflects my lack of a structured routine throughout this quarantine due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s evident through social media activity and various communication outlets that other people are also experiencing this lack of structure, and they are doing the best they can to adapt to a new pace of life. This assignment taught me that it is important to evaluate my state of being and actions in life, so I don’t fall into an unproductive cycle.

Five Frame Story

Narrating the Process

Creating this work was a simple process of looking through the house for props that represented the story I wanted to tell. Once I found what I was looking for, I used my Cannon G7X mark III to capture the scenes. After I uploaded the photos to my computer, I compiled them all in a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint and added graphics to conceal my identity. Once finished, the product was uploaded to my Flicker.