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This One’s a Keeper

Portland Docks

It’s simple. Choose your favorite photo you’ve taken and tell everyone why you love it so much.

DS106 Assignment Bank: Your Favorite Photo?

Telling the Story Behind the Story:

I have always loved this photo, so I decided to share it with you for this assignment. I took this photo in late 2014 while on a trip to Portland, ME. It is special to me because of its sheer perfect encapsulation of the Nor-Eastern sunset. I was also astounded that a redneck like me could take something like this untrained.

It is in these moments in life when things just seem to go right, and it makes you stop and appreciate how lucky you are to be alive. Happiness can be found around every corner…you just have to keep your eyes open.

Portland Docks

Narrating the Process

There really wasn’t much of a process when taking this picture. I luckily had the perfect angle, lighting and time of day. This shot was taken on an older phone with a lens of significantly lesser quality, yet I didn’t use a filter. Enjoy this photo and more on my Flickr!