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Bizarre Boofy

Take multiple photos of a friend or of yourself, then compile and average all of the photos in Photoshop to create an unconventional portrait. Have fun with the poses and setting of your pictures! Learn how to average layers in Photoshop with this YouTube video. This assignment was inspired by Averaging Concepts Using Flickr.

DS106 Assignment Bank; Averaged Portrait

Telling the Story Behind the Story:

As I looked at my good boy smiling at me from across the room, I had no choice but to do this assignment. The difficult task was getting him to stand still for multiple pictures. The happiness and frustration was worth it. It gave him an opportunity to say hi to his daddy because I haven’t been able to pay attention to him while completing assignments all day.

At-a-glance, the multiple shadows surrounding my dog Link’s body are a reflection of the days blurring together in relation to his concept of time and that of our own as humans. This makes me think about how precious the time we are given on this blue rock really is. I hope I can fit all of the experiences and love we get as humans into his short but amazing lifespan.


Narrating the Process

Starting with my Cannon Camera and a free subscription to Canva, I was able to take several photos of my dog and layer them one on top of another with varying degrees of opaqueness. Once all the layers were assembled, I cropped the excess and uploaded this beautiful portrait to Flikr.