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A “Spubble” Look Into My Feelings on ds106

There's What?

Learn to love yourself, grab a picture of yourself in which your body language, actions, gestures, etc. suggest one thing and then play off that using a speech bubble. Ideally the result would make people laugh—but I must acknowledge there are other possible emotional responses that may be just as acceptable. Think of it as lolcat, save it’s a human (namely you) and there is nothing compelling anyone to abuse the letter z in the speech bubble text. or would make this assignment dead simple.

DS106 Assignment Bank: Your Very Own Spubble

Telling the Story Behind the Story:

The choice was simple when choosing this assignment. It was as if I were drawn to the humor of it, and I knew it would be interesting yet fun. When designing this piece of art, I was finding myself running into more and more links when trying to understand the full extent of requirements for this assignment. I thought the horrific smile (from my avatar) shadowing over the small child represented the looming fear and surprise I experienced as I went down the hyperlink rabbit hole.

I’m sure that anyone experiencing something new and out of their comfort level may feel anxiety and fear when stepping into the unknown. This is a normal human experience, and it will always be present in life. I captured my moment in this humorous picture to lay out this phenomena. My avatar’s smile represents adversity and the small, frightened child represents fear and apprehension to something new.

There's What?

Narrating the Process

The process was very simple and similar to posts that I have done in the past. With the help of Microsoft Paint, I was able to take the original copy of my avatar image and add the silly and simple text additions to the already funny graphic. After completing the edits, the photo was uploaded to Flickr for all to enjoy!