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First Steps

Hello, my name is Coleman Anthony. This is my very first blog post… how exciting!

-Coleman Anthony Esq.

I have never been one for social media, but I tried to make the best of it by creating a Caesar Cipher puzzle! I hope it wasn’t too hard or confusing to figure out.

-Coleman Anthony Esq. (I figured out the quote button!)

Here are my reflections for the week:

  • I feel that I tried my best to be creative while attempting this week’s required tasks. I think I did just fine, but we will see! It is hard to discern literal from implied instructions when the word “creative” is thrown into the equation.
  • The bumps in the road that I experienced while completing this assignment boil down to basic buttonology. After awhile of fumbling around, I was able to accomplish exactly what I needed to do. I enjoyed setting up my puzzle across the multiple social media platforms and learned the versatility in creative freedom that these tools and sites offer—very exciting! The setup of each was simple once I saw the step-by-step guides that accompanied the social media and domain sites.
  • I’m learning all of the customization that WordPress offers, and I look forward to building my blog into something unique and interesting that like-minded followers will enjoy.

Happy to be here! Find me on these channels, and let’s connect!


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