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Creating Art in 15 min. or Less

Pay Attention to the Moment: Sometimes it means slowing down, but also being more aware of the action in a scene, trying to anticipate the moment of something interesting before it happens e.g. watching a family at the table preparing for when baby might spill the glass of milk? at sporting events trying to be ready for the kick that scores the goal?

Telling Stories in Photos: Pay Attention to the Moment.
Good boy joy.
Good Boy Joy

Telling the Story Behind the Story:

When starting my 15 minute photo safari sprint, I couldn’t help but make my Australian Shepherd Link the focus of the joy requirement. With “Pay Attention to the Moment” still fresh in my mind, I took a breath and realized that Link was offering the perfect example of the article’s tip of being aware of the scene. I was about to throw his favorite Frisbee, when he paused for a smile.

The canvas for my artwork was my home in Fredericksburg, Va. We all don’t have much of a choice on places to travel to because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The photos that worked best for me during this activity were the still images. It is a lot easier to capture static objects instead of chasing clouds for a natural outdoor shadow.

The most inventive photo by far was my photo of the rug in my nursery. The photo looked like an abstract painting because of the dimmed lighting I implemented. This photo safari was a good test of on-the-fly thinking and application of what was covered in the videos and articles. Please enjoy the link below for the full gallery.

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